I am Kathaperumal …

Hi , I am Kathaperumal, technology evangelist @ Foray Technology Ltd. I would like to breath, walk, eat and sleep technology. When the qwerty keyboard is not in front of me, I will have a Chess board in front of me and like to play chess with my daughter. Loving husband of my loving wife Latha (We are expecting a new baby on Jan6, 2013)

At Foray Technology Ltd, we are developing ManuERP, an ERP for manufacturing companies, Foundries etc., Foray CRM for any kind of companies and this CRM makes them sales team happy and management team productive, Hubbling, the search engine for the next generation. Our loving team is sincerely works, concentrating on building the next generation search engine

When I am free, I love to talk with my parents. Parimanam, is my father, a retired government official, now he is spending his time in agricultural lands, Feeding cows , listening carnatic songs etc., My mother Annakannu is proud home maker. She is still taking care of her mother’s health as well as grand daughter’s

… and I am the humble disciple of my Guru, Godson of Thiruvannamalai, Yogi Ram Surath Kumar. He is all for me. I am doing here all because of His Grace.

I love my Guru, my mom and pappa, wife and daughter, my team.